Mike Twist – The Life Of Harry Styles’ Brother!

Mike Twist - The Life Of Harry Styles' Brother!

Mike Twist, a supportive brother and family man, offers a comforting presence during times of personal loss and joy, adding warmth to the shared experiences of the Styles family.

Mike Twist was born in England on October 10, 1985, and is the half-brother of the renowned singer Harry Styles. Mike gained some recognition through Twitter. His family includes his father, Robin Twist, and stepmother, Anne Cox. 

This article delves into the life of Mike Twist, providing insights into his family background, personal life, career, relationships, and a glimpse into the world of the Styles family.

Mike Twist Bio Summary – An Overview!

Full NameMike Twist
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1985
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneTopaz
Eye ColorBrown
Marital StatusSingle
Birth PlaceEngland
FatherRobin Twist
MotherAnne Cox
SiblingsHarry Styles, Gemma Styles, and Amy Twist

Who Is Mike Twist – Let’s Find Out!

Mike Twist, born on October 10, 1985, is a British individual known for being the half-brother of the famous singer Harry Styles. His father, Robin Twist, married Anne Cox, and Mike shares a close relationship with his stepmother.

Mike gained some recognition as a Twitter star, but his account is suspended. Despite staying relatively private, he comforts the Styles family and offers support during personal loss.

The passing of his father, Robin Twist, in June 2017 was a significant event in Mike’s life. Mike adds a distinctive touch to the Styles family narrative.

Mike Twist Father – You Should Know!

Mike Twist Father
Source: aminoapps

Robin Twist, born on February 27, 1967, was the father of Mike Twist and stepfather to the famous singer Harry Styles. He worked in finance and gained public attention following his marriage to Anne Cox on June 1, 2013. 

The family, including his son Mike, shared moments of joy until Robin’s passing in June 2017 at 50. His battle with cancer marked a significant and emotional chapter in the lives of his loved ones, leaving behind cherished memories of a caring father and husband.

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Mike Twist’s Siblings – Let’s Take A Look!

1. Harry Styles:

Harry Styles, born on February 1, 1994, in Redditch, England, is a highly acclaimed singer, actor, and former member of the famous boy band “One Direction.” Rising to fame in 2010, Harry’s solo career took flight with hits like “Sign of the Times” and his successful album “Fine Line” in 2019. 

As the half-brother of Mike Twist, Harry played a significant role in the Styles family and remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. His charismatic presence, distinctive style, and multifaceted talent have solidified his status as a global icon.

2. Gemma Styles: 

Born on December 3, 1990, Gemma Styles is known not just as a member of the Twist family but also as an accomplished writer.

Her work has been featured in various outlets, including an open letter against online bullying published by Glamour U.K. and a voting guide for Refinery29. 

Gemma’s contributions showcase her commitment to important discussions and ability to use her voice for meaningful impact. Gemma adds her unique touch to their shared narrative as siblings in the Twist family alongside Mike and Harry.

3. Amy Twist:

Amy Twist, born in the early ’80s, is the eldest daughter of Robin Twist and Erica Jane Morgan, the stepfather and mother of renowned singer Harry Styles.

Her parents separated during her childhood, and her father raised her. Anne Twist, Harry’s mother, became Amy’s stepmother after marrying Robin Twist in a joyous ceremony in 2013. 

Amy is the eldest among her step-siblings, including Harry Styles and Mike Twist. Amy has maintained a private life despite her familial connections, and details about her early years are scarce.

She shares a special bond with Harry’s younger brother, Mike Twist, with the two often seen together during Harry’s younger years.

Death Of Mike Twist’s Father – A Heartfelt Loss!

Death Of Mike Twist's Father
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The passing of Mike Twist’s father, Robin Twist, marked a profound and emotional chapter in the family’s life. Robin, a beloved figure and buddy to Mike, succumbed to cancer at the age of 57 in June 2017. The family faced a life-changing event, mourning the loss of a wonderful person.

Mike Twist, along with his siblings, navigated through this heartfelt loss, cherishing the memories and special bond they shared with their late father.

Despite the sorrow, the Twist family stood firm, finding solace in the cherished moments and Robin’s enduring impact on their lives.

Mike Twist’s Career – A Journey In The Limelight!

Mike Twist’s career journey is closely intertwined with the success of his stepbrother, Harry Styles. Mike, born on October 10, 1985, gained recognition through his association with Harry’s rise to fame, particularly during the formation of the popular boy band One Direction in 2010. 

The group’s rapid success, marked by chart-topping albums like ‘Up All Night’ in 2011, led to global fame. Despite his initial involvement in the group’s formation, Mike eventually pursued a different path, and details about his career are relatively scarce.

Net Worth – Unveiling His Financial Success!

Net Worth
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With a relatively private career, Mike Twist has a net worth estimated at around $1.5 million as of recent records. While not as publicly prominent as his stepbrother Harry Styles, Mike has carved his financial success through various endeavors.

His exact sources of income remain undisclosed, contributing to the mystery surrounding his net worth. Unlike Harry’s spotlight in the entertainment industry, Mike keeps a lower profile, making his financial standing more discreet.

Despite limited information, Mike’s net worth reflects his economic achievements in the backdrop of the broader success within the Twist family.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Mike Twist’s profession, and has he pursued a career in the entertainment industry?

Mike Twist’s career is limited. He gained recognition through his association with Harry Styles and One Direction. However, he has maintained a lower public profile compared to his stepbrother.

2. Has Mike Twist ever spoken about his relationship with Harry Styles in public interviews or statements?

Mike Twist has generally kept a low public profile, and detailed public statements about his relationship with Harry Styles should be more widely documented. He seems to prefer a more private life away from the media spotlight.

3. Did Mike Twist contribute to any charitable or philanthropic activities?

Mike Twist’s involvement in charitable or philanthropic endeavors is not readily available. However, many celebrities, including Harry Styles, actively participate in charitable causes.

4. What is known about Mike Twist’s personal life?

Mike Twist’s personal life, as he tends to maintain privacy. However, family moments and relationships with Harry Styles have been shared publicly.


Mike Twist is part of a famous family whose life intertwines with the entertainment world. Despite privacy, his bond with Harry Styles is a notable aspect. The loss of his father, Robin Twist, marked a significant chapter in his journey.


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