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That which Flows By

Explore webcomics like ‘That Which Flows By,’ where historical accuracy meets creative storytelling. Originating post-Asian Financial Crisis, these narratives blend fact and fiction, offering a captivating glimpse into the past with a modern twist.

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An Outline Of the Webtoon – Dive Into Intricate Tales!

  • Plot Highlights: Delve into a webtoon that intricately weaves together historical events, geographical landscapes, and a diverse range of human experiences. The plot unfolds as a multifaceted adventure, promising twists and turns that keep readers on their seats.
  • Emotional Journey: The heart of this webcomic lies in its ability to take readers on an emotional roller coaster. With well-crafted protagonists and antagonists, each character contributes to a rich narrative exploring human emotions’ depths.
  • Historical Exploration: Discover how the webtoon immerses readers in a vivid exploration of historical epochs. From ancient times to modern eras, the narrative provides a unique lens through which to understand and appreciate significant moments in history.
  • Geographical Insights: The plot isn’t confined to a single location. Instead, it traverses diverse geographical landscapes, offering a visual and narrative feast that enhances the overall storytelling experience.
  • Character Dynamics: Explore the dynamics between characters, each contributing to the complexity of the plot. The interplay between protagonists and antagonists adds layers to the narrative, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging storyline.
  • Suspense and Intrigue: As the plot unfolds, readers can anticipate a series of suspenseful moments and intriguing developments. The narrative is crafted to keep the audience eagerly turning pages, driven by a desire to unravel the mysteries embedded in the storyline.
An Outline Of the Webtoon
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Concerning the Authors – Softcorn and Eunbi Lee!

  • Softcorn’s Impact: Softcorn is no ordinary creator. His expertise in illustrating historical moments elevates “That Which Flows By” beyond the realm of typical webtoons. Through his skilful artistry, Softcorn ensures that the webtoon becomes a unique and engaging experience.
  • Eunbi Lee’s Artistry: Eunbi Lee’s original work serves as the inspirational force driving the success of the webtoon. Like a peaceful river suddenly transforming into exciting rapids, Eunbi Lee’s plot promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, adding a thrilling dynamic to the storyline.

Unveiling the Intricacies – Softcorn’s Artistry!

  • Illustrating Historical Mastery: Softcorn brings historical moments to life through intricate illustrations, showcasing a unique skill set in the depiction of bygone eras.
  • Beyond Traditional Webtoons: Softcorn’s contribution ensures “That Which Flows By” transcends typical webtoon experiences, offering readers a visually rich and immersive journey through history.
  • A Creator Like No Other: Softcorn’s artistic prowess sets him apart, establishing him as a creator who goes beyond the ordinary to deliver a truly exceptional webcomic.
Unveiling the Intricacies
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Eunbi Lee’s Plot Mastery – Explore It!

  • Original Inspirations: Eunbi Lee’s original work serves as the driving force behind the success of “That Which Flows By,” providing a foundation for its unique and compelling plot.
  • Riveting Narrative Dynamics: Like a tranquil river turning into raging rapids, Eunbi Lee’s plot keeps readers engaged with unexpected twists, adding excitement and depth to the storyline.
  • Toe-Tapping Suspense: Eunbi Lee’s storytelling style introduces suspenseful elements, ensuring readers are kept on their toes, eagerly anticipating the next turn in the webtoon’s captivating plot.

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The International Growth Of Korean Webtoons – Let’s Discuss The Evolution!

Webtoons, including “That Which Flows By,” can now captivate audiences globally, all thanks to platforms like Naver.

The International Growth Of Korean Webtoons
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  • Anticipating New Episodes Every Friday: The excitement of getting a fresh episode every Friday mirrors the anticipation of eagerly awaiting your favorite TV show’s return. Do you agree that the wait is worthwhile, considering the buzz and speculation among fans?
  • Weekly Updates Thrill: The thrill of weekly updates adds an extra layer of excitement, creating a sense of joy akin to the joy of discovering new episodes of beloved television programs.
  • Connecting with a Worldwide Audience: Thanks to the expansive reach of the internet, readers from various backgrounds and corners of the world engage with “That Which Flows By.” The webtoon’s ability to attract such a diverse audience reflects its universal appeal.


1. Why have Korean webtoons gained international popularity?

Korean webtoons, including “That Which Flows By,” have gained global acclaim due to platforms like Naver, making them accessible to a diverse international audience.

2. Why is there excitement around new episodes every Friday?

The weekly updates create anticipation similar to eagerly awaiting a favorite TV show’s return, adding an element of joy and speculation among fans.

3. How does “That Which Flows By” interact with an international viewership?

The webtoon’s universal appeal attracts readers from various walks of life and corners of the globe, fostering a diverse and engaging community.

4. What makes weekly webtoon updates enjoyable?

The regularity of weekly updates adds an extra layer of excitement, enhancing the overall enjoyment of following the unfolding plot.

5. How can readers contribute to the global webtoon common?

Readers can connect, share insights, and participate in discussions, fostering a dynamic community that celebrates cultural diversity within webtoons like “That Which Flows By.”


See webcomics such as ‘That Which Flows By,’ where imaginative storytelling mixes alongside archaeological authenticity.

These stories, which first appeared after the Asian Financial Crisis, interact with the genre along with truth to present an involving gaze into the past coupled with a modern point of view.

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