Taylin Gaulden – Her Story and Influence!

Taylin Gaulden

Welcome to Taylor Gaulden’s story. Explore the fascinating journey and impact of Taylin Gaulden, a rising influencer.

Taylin Gaulden is one of those new stars. Some people shine because of their amazing stories and how they grab everyone’s attention. She is the third child of rapper NBA. Taylin Gaulden is a shining star in the entertainment industry.

Discover Taylin Gaulden, a rising star whose story will grab your interest and leave you wanting to know more.

Who Is Taylin Gaulden? – A Brief Overview!

Taylin Gaulden, born on March 19, 2017, is a famous kid on social media. He’s known as the third child of American rapper, singer, and songwriter Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and his mom, Nia. 

Who Is Taylin Gaulden?
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Taylin’s dad, Kentrell, became popular with his album “AI YoungBoy 2,” which topped the US Billboard 200 charts in 2019. He’s said to have around $6 million in wealth.

Taylin Gaulden is the son of the famous rapper NBA YoungBoy and was born in Louisiana. While his father, NBA YoungBoy, is a well-known American rapper, information about his mother’s identity isn’t widely known.

Taylin has four siblings Kamiri, Kayden, Kacey, and Kamron Gaulden. Taylin is a lively kid who loves discovering and exploring everything around him.

YoungBoy mentioned that he won’t pressure his son to go to college and wants Taylin to pick any career path he wants. However, he hopes that Taylin might consider becoming a singer or rapper.

About parents’ affairs: Read Essential Information!

Taylin Gaulden’s birthdate is March 19, 2017, in Louisiana, USA.His parents are YoungBoy and Trinia Nia. As the third son of a famous American rapper, Taylin entered a family with a strong musical background.

About parent’s affairs
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However, his father’s first response to his arrival was distant or aloof.YoungBoy, similar to numerous male entertainers, has been involved with multiple women, several of whom have become mothers to his children. 

Upon Taylin’s birth, he sought a DNA test to confirm the child’s paternity before taking responsibility. According to different reports, his request for proof of Taylin’s paternity stemmed from a brief encounter Nia had before revealing her pregnancy. 

Upon Taylin’s birth, he sought a DNA test to confirm the child’s paternity before taking responsibility. According to different reports, his request for proof of Taylin’s paternity stemmed from a brief encounter Nia had before revealing her pregnancy. 

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Who is Taylin Gaulden’s Real mother? Come To know!

Virginia Nia is recognized as the biological mother of Taylin Gaulden, known within the public sphere due to her connection with Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, widely known as YoungBoy, a prominent American rapper. 

Who is Taylin Gaulden’s Real mother?
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Nia has been acknowledged as the mother of several children fathered by YoungBoy in various media circles. As the mother of Taylin Gaulden, Nia holds a significant role in the upbringing and care of her child within the context of the high-profile lifestyle often associated with YoungBoy’s public persona.

Her involvement in her children’s lives, including Taylin, has been observed and commented upon by followers of YoungBoy’s career and personal life.

However, it’s important to note that personal details about Nia might not be widely disclosed or publicized, as she is entitled to privacy despite her connection to a public figure like YoungBoy.

Taylin And His Parents Were Involved In An Accident – Let’s Examine!

Taylin experienced a life-altering event on Sunday, June 24, 2018, when he was just a little over a year old. Alongside his mother and father, they were all involved in a car accident.

Taylin And His Parents Were Involved In An Accident
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Taylin’s grandmother, Sherhonda Gaulden, shared details of the incident, explaining that the rapper lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip over. Following the crash, everyone in the car was hospitalized. Thankfully, despite the accident’s severity, they have all significantly recovered since then.

Because of his legal situation, NBA YoungBoy couldn’t share the accident news with his fans. On March 19, the rapper got arrested for aggravated assault and kidnapping involving his girlfriend, Jania. 

Even while on bail, a judge placed more restrictions, like a ban on social media and leaving Louisiana. That’s why he’s been quiet on social media since then. As a result, the accident news came out through his mother.

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A lovely moment with siblings
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Taylin Gaulden’s Net Worth – Learn About!

Taylin is still young and hasn’t started earning money yet. He lives with his dad, YoungBoy NBA, in Los Angeles, along with his half-siblings. Since Taylin is too small to work or have a business, he doesn’t have his own money.

Taylin Gaulden's Net Worth
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YoungBoy NBA’s dad is a rapper with about $6 million from his successful music career. That money is what Taylin might share with his dad and siblings, as he’s not earning on his right now.


1. When was Taylin Gaulden born?

Taylin Gaulden entered the world on March 19, 2017, in Louisiana, United States.

2. How many siblings does Taylin have?

Taylin shares his home with four brothers: Kamiri, Kayden, Kacey, and Kamron Gaulden. They are all siblings from his father’s relationships with different partners.

3. Where does Taylin Gaulden live?

Taylin resides in Los Angeles, California, with his father, YoungBoy NBA, and his half-siblings.

4. What are Taylin Gaulden’s interests or hobbies?

Specific details about Taylin’s interests or hobbies haven’t been widely shared publicly due to his young age and limited exposure to the media.


In the end,

Taylin stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t use social media. He enjoys a normal life with his family, away from public attention.

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