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Olivia Korenberg

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Olivia Korenberg is a talented designer and safety advocate. She’s good at making places look nice and cares a lot about keeping people safe. Olivia started learning about design a while ago, attending the University of Southern California and then UCLA. She’s been part of making cool places, even in France!

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Olivia and her friend Jenn Pablo started a company called Twofold LA. They mix design and planning for special events, making places and experiences that people remember.

Olivia did this for about eight years and even had her first wedding project in France. Although she left Twofold LA in 2019, her impact on making things look great and memorable still sticks around.

Apart from her work, Olivia is also married to Seann William Scott, a funny actor. They married in 2019, but Olivia and Seann like keeping their personal lives private.

Olivia’s story is like a mix of creativity, safety, and a little bit of mystery. She’s a person who makes the world look nice and safe, creating spaces where people can feel happy and memorable.

Early Life and Education – Get The Lowdown In A Click!

Olivia Korenberg’s journey began when she was younger. Born 33 years ago, she started learning about designing beautiful spaces. Olivia went to the University of Southern California to study French, and later on, she went to UCLA to learn even more about making places look fantastic.

It’s like she learned the special tricks to create environments that are not just pretty but also safe and comfortable for people. Her education laid the foundation for her passion in interior architecture. Olivia wanted to understand how to make spaces not just look good but also be practical and enjoyable.

This love for creating beautiful yet functional environments fueled her path and set the stage for future design and safety advocacy endeavours.

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Redefining Interior Design at TwoFold LA – Join It Now!

In interior design, Olivia Korenberg is a visionary force, co-founding and serving as the Principal Designer at TwoFold LA, a design studio renowned for its innovative approach. 

Redefining Interior Design at TwoFold LA
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With roots in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Olivia seamlessly transitioned into interior design, fueled by a profound passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces.

Established in 2012 alongside business partner Casey Kell, TwoFold LA emerged as a hub of creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design. In her role as Principal Designer, Olivia leads a talented team, infusing projects with a unique blend of style, functionality, and architectural innovation. 

Her commitment to clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral colour palette results in timeless and elegant spaces, while her dedication to collaboration and sustainable design sets TwoFold LA apart in the industry.

Olivia’s influence extends beyond design, as she actively engages in charitable projects, using her expertise to uplift communities and advocating for diversity and inclusion in the design landscape.

With a reputation for exceptional design solutions and an unwavering dedication to creativity, Olivia Korenberg continues shaping interior design’s future at TwoFold LA.

Twofold LA and Professional Journey – Click To Gain Knowledge!

Olivia Korenberg did an excellent job with her friend, Jenn Pablo. They made a company called Twofold LA. It was like making places look nice and planning fantastic events. Olivia and Jenn worked together to make places and experiences that people would remember.

They did this for about eight years, even making beautiful spaces in France and planning weddings. Although Olivia left Twofold LA in 2019, her unique touch stayed behind.

It’s like the things she did still make places look great and events feel special. Olivia’s job was not just about making things pretty but also about creating spaces where people could have fun and be happy.

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The Private Life – Explore The Details Instantly!

Olivia Korenberg is also married to a funny actor named Seann William Scott. They married in 2019, but Olivia and Seann like keeping their personal lives private. That means they share few details about their life with the public.

The Private Life
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Even though Seann is known for making people laugh in movies, he doesn’t talk much about his wife, Olivia Korenberg. They choose to keep their relationship away from the eyes of the media. 

This decision to keep things private is like having a unique space just for them, away from all the attention. Olivia and Seann want to enjoy their time together without everyone watching, making their connection a bit of a mystery to the outside world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Olivia Korenberg’s educational background?

Olivia Korenberg holds a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree in interior architecture from UCLA.

2. Is Twofold LA still operational?

While Olivia Korenberg co-founded Twofold LA, she left the company in 2019. The current status of Twofold LA may require further investigation.

3. Why is Olivia’s private life kept private?

Olivia and Seann like to keep their private life secret, away from people looking. It’s like having a unique space just for them. This makes their story mysterious and lets them enjoy their time together without everyone watching. 

4. How long was Olivia part of Twofold LA?

Olivia contributed to Twofold LA for about eight years, leaving a lasting impact on the creative landscape. She co-founded the company with her friend Jenn Pablo, and together, they crafted unique and memorable experiences for clients, even working on projects in France.


Olivia Korenberg, a designer with Twofold LA, married to actor Seann William Scott in 2019, values privacy. Creative and mysterious, she crafts spaces and plans events lasting lasting impacts.

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