Cheryl Pistono – A Notable American Personality!

Cheryl Pistono

Explore the intriguing life of Cheryl Pistono, a well-known American personality who gained fame as the ex-girlfriend of basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Cheryl Pistono is known for being the ex-girlfriend of basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The couple reportedly has a child named Amir Abdul-Jabbar. In 1985, Cheryl married Steven Jenkins and has since chosen to keep a low profile away from the media.

Meet Cheryl Pistono, the unsung hero in Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s legendary tale, adding a personal touch to the courtside magic of one of basketball’s all-time greats.

She Is A Key Figure In Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Life – Explore Their Unique Bond!

Born on September 9, 1956, Cheryl Pistono holds a notable role in the life story of basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Kareem’s illustrious 20-season NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers is renowned, making him one of the greatest athletes in history.

She is a Key Figure in Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Life
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Despite their relationship not formalized in marriage, Cheryl Pistono is a crucial part of Kareem’s narrative. This connection goes beyond the basketball court, adding a personal touch to the story of the iconic player. Hailing from LaSalle, Illinois, Cheryl is recognized as Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s former partner.

Academic Achievements And Pursuits Of Passion – One Must Know!

Cheryl Pistono’s educational journey commenced at LaSalle Peru Township High School, taking a transformative turn when she ventured to the West Coast at the age of 16.

Enrolling at the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), celebrated for its academic brilliance and vibrant atmosphere, Cheryl delved into the pursuit of knowledge.

Amid her academic pursuits, Cheryl’s heart remained open to the marvels of the world. A devoted lover of nature, she immersed herself in activities such as hunting and fishing and formed strong bonds with her cherished canine companions, Miles and Bronson.

Beyond her academic and nature-centric endeavors, Cheryl’s creativity found an outlet in the culinary domain. A passionate food enthusiast and adept chef, she took joy in crafting delectable dishes for her loved ones.

Her culinary skills even led to collaborations with renowned chefs, leaving an indelible mark on the global culinary scene.

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Love’s Voyage And Personal Development – Love Journey!

Seven-Year Connection with Kareem Abdul Jabbar:

Cheryl Pistono shared a profound and transformative seven-year relationship with basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar, starting in 1977. This period marked a pivotal chapter in both their lives, characterized by a deep emotional connection and significant personal growth.

Seven-Year Connection with Kareem Abdul Jabbar:
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Despite the absence of a formal marriage commitment, the enduring nature of their bond speaks to the profound impact they had on each other during this significant period.

Influence on Kareem’s Life:

Cheryl Pistono’s impact on Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s life was profound, influencing him to make a significant and life-changing choice. Despite Kareem’s ongoing marriage to Habiba, Cheryl’s influence prompted him to initiate legal separation. 

This decision underscored the deep importance of their relationship, marking a pivotal moment in both their personal journeys. It showcased the strength of their connection and the transformative power of their love, leading to a significant shift in Kareem’s life circumstances.

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Family and Marital Status:

In 1985, Cheryl Pistono entered matrimony with Steven Jenkins, though details about his profession are pending. As a mother, she has three children with Steven: Jesse, Taaj, and Brianna Jenkins. Notably, her personal history unfolds with added depth as she is also the mother of Amir 

Family and Marital Status:
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Abdul Kareem from her previous relationship with basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. This familial complexity enriches Cheryl’s life story, reflecting a diverse and interconnected journey shaped by various relationships and experiences.

Facts About  Cheryl Pistono – Some More Interesting Information: 

Background and Ethnicity:

Cheryl Pistono is an American national, and her ethnic background is Caucasian, reflecting the cultural diversity that contributes to her identity.

Academic Achievements:

Demonstrating her commitment to education, Cheryl Pistono is a college graduate, showcasing her dedication to personal and intellectual growth.

Academic Achievements:
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Professional Endeavors:

Cheryl is a highly educated individual actively pursuing her professional ambitions. While specific details about her profession are not provided, her focus on personal development is evident.

Relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

She was romantically involved with the legendary basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Their relationship resulted in the birth of a child named Amir Abdul-Jabbar, reflecting a significant chapter in Cheryl’s personal life.

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Marital Status:

Currently, Cheryl is married to Steven Jenkins, indicating a change in her personal life and relationships over time.

Family Ties:

Cheryl values her family connections, fostering close relationships with her relatives. This emphasizes the importance of familial bonds in her life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Cheryl Pistono’s interests?

Cheryl is known for her passion for nature, engaging in activities such as hunting fishing, and embracing the companionship of her dogs, Miles and Bronson. She is also a skilled chef and collaborator with renowned chefs in the culinary world.

2. What is Cheryl Pistono’s current status?

As of the latest available information, Cheryl Pistono’s current status is not explicitly mentioned. She is known for keeping a low profile away from the media.

3. Is Cheryl Pistono still connected to Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

No recent information suggests an ongoing connection between Cheryl Pistono and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Their seven-year relationship ended in 1984.

4. What is Cheryl Pistono’s legacy?

Cheryl Pistono’s legacy is intricately woven with her personal journey, the transformative relationship with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and her roles as a mother and culinary enthusiast.


Cheryl Pistono’s legacy unfolds through love, growth, and a diverse journey. From a pivotal connection with Kareem Abdul Jabbar to academic pursuits and culinary adventures, her story resonates with complexity and richness.

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